"Shin Shitsu" - ART, Lasts for a Lifetime... millions to billions of years!

We create beautiful artwork using lacquer sap exclusively from Japan. What is our passion? Why are we only using lacquer sap from Japan? Why aren’t we using wooden materials to make such art?

Lacquer and the World

Why is urushi lacquer unknown to the world? Why has "Shin Shitsu" overcome the existing traditional lacquer?

Know the World of Urushi Lacquer

If you understand the history of urushi lacquer and its characteristics, then you understand why uruhshi lacquer has attracted so many people. After learning such history and characteristics, you will be fascinated!

About Yamagishi Shokado

We, Soyo and Shodo Yamagishi, are the only "Shin Shitsu" artists.

Exhibition Information of "Shin Shitsu"

Introducing some of our "Shin Shitsu" artwork.

"Shin Shitsu" Artwork

Introducing some of our "Shin Shitsu" artwork.